Our Clients

Our clients at Cascade Wealth Advisors seek a trusted confidant who can help make smart, informed and well thought out financial decisions. They need a professional who has the experience and knowledge to guide them through the often complex and confusing areas of personal finance.

Regardless of your needs, you will find an experienced financial partner looking to help you manage your money better and simplify your finances. We generally work with the following clients:

  • Business owners or corporate executives
  • Retirees or individuals nearing retirement concerned with providing income for their future
  • Younger professionals focused on savings strategies and college planning options
  • Non-profit organizations and Trustees
  • Pension and Profit Sharing Plans
  • Individuals who have experienced an infrequent event– inheritance, sale of business or real estate, lottery or insurance proceeds, etc.
  • Individuals who have recently gone through a major change in their life circumstances, such as a divorce or death of a spouse

Due to the amount of time and resources we spend on each client we require a minimum aggregate household account size of $500,000 (or a minimum annual fee of $4,500). This insures that we schedule an appropriate amount of time during the year meeting with and updating financial plans for our active clients. 


Financial Planning

Roadmap to Financial Independence

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Investment Management

Understanding Investment Options and Risk

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Business Solutions

Retirement Plans for Businesses and their Owners

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