Our Comprehensive Process

Our approach to investment management is based on fundamentals that have become well established in the investment advisory field. We follow a process that allows us to approach managing your investments in a caring, responsible and intelligent manner.

  • Cascade WealthDiscovery Meeting

    We start by getting to know you, your unique financial goals, and your experience as an investor. Our firm uses an objective, web-based assessment tool to understand your specific tolerance for investment risk. Additionally, we carefully consider your ability to withstand investment loss, weighing critical factors like your investment horizon, how close you are to retirement, and your portfolio size.

  • Cascade WealthInvestment Plan and Recommendation Meeting

    This is our opportunity to present our analysis and our recommendations. Based on the in-depth information we gather in our first meeting we will present a comprehensive investment plan. We will also introduce our investment policy statement and discuss, in detail, our investment philosophy and our wealth management process. During this meeting we will demonstrate how CWA will add significant value to your unique circumstances.

  • Cascade WealthMutual Commitment Meeting

    After you have had a week to digest the information we presented in the Investment Plan Meeting, we will meet with you to discuss whether CWA is the right advisor for you. If we all agree to move forward, we will work together to assist you in achieving all that is important to you. CWA will have all the ncecssary documents prepared to being our relationship.

  • Cascade Wealth45 Day Follow Up

    CWA will meet with you again in 45 days to help organize all the paperwork you have received in these initial stages. The amount of paperwork involved in asset transitions can be overwhelming and we want to make sure you have an opportunity to get all your questions answered and become familiar with any new statements or reports.

  • Cascade WealthWealth Management Plan Meeting (If applicable)

    As we move forward with our relationship and the recommendations we agreed upon are being implemented, CWA will also be working with our team of experts to develop your Wealth Management Plan. This comprehensive evaluation of your financial situation provides recommendations from industry leading experts on Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Transfer, Asset Protection, and Charitable Giving. We then will review these recommendations with you and help you prioritize them. On an ongoing basis we will track our progress on implementing these recommendations during our regular progress meetings.

  • Cascade WealthRegular Maintenance Meeting

    CWA will always be available to you but we would like you to schedule regular progress meetings at times that are convenient to you. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for both of us to review any changes in your personal or financial life and make according adjustments to your Wealth Management Plan as needed. Progress meetings are typically held quarterly and are a great time to make sure that we continue to understand what is going on in your life and make sure your assets are aligned and working efficiently to ensure you are achieving all that is important to you and your family.