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As business owners ourselves, we understand the unique set of challenges you face and your desire to maximize the opportunities you’re given. We know your time is best spent in the areas that matter most – serving your clients or customers, attracting new business, improving cash flow and mitigating taxes. We also understand that to maximize the value you have created in your business, you will need an exit strategy that enables you successfully to transition your business to a new owner upon your retirement.

  • Financial analysis of your existing business with suggestions on how to improve its value

  • Review of Succession Plan for tax-efficient sale or transfer of your business

  • Update of Buy-Sell Arrangements in the event of premature death or disability (by referral to qualified legal counsel) and ensuring appropriate insurance to fund a buyout (in consultation with your insurance professional)

  • Employee retirement plan services as detailed below, for both owners and employees

Employee Retirement Plans

In partnership with our portfolio managers, an investment management firm with over $7 Billion of individual and employer plan assets under management, we offer employee retirement plans:

“qualified plans” such as 401(k), defined benefit plans and profit sharing plans

“non-qualified plans” targeted to the highest earners (where there are no requirements as to the lower paid employees’ participation).

Each of these plans feature The 5 Retirement Plan Essentials:

  1. Reduces the risk of ERISA Liability. Our portfolio managers assume the broadest possible legal responsibility as “discretionary investment managers” as defined under ERISA Section 3(38) to shift the legal risks away from the employer.

  2. Provides employees prudent portfolios. Our plans include the same professionally – designed portfolios that are globally diversified and with low internal overhead costs that are available to our individual clients – only there are no minimum asset requirements for each employee to participate.

  3. Offers fee transparency. Most plans are plagued by hidden costs and the actual expense may be far greater than an employer realizes. As a fiduciary the plan sponsor/employer is required to be aware of these expenses. Our plans’ fees are fully transparent and clearly and completely disclosed.

  4. Optimizes plan design. We avoid the “one size fits all” approach to plan design by carefully assessing the employer’s needs before offering recommendations.

  5. Educates, advises & monitors. We don’t disappear after the plan is established. Our plans offer online video training and enrollment to employees, as well as online access to accounts. We review the plan and its investments, provide quarterly trustee reports and meet at least annually with the employer’s management (as well as employees, if desired).

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