Investment Management

We believe strongly the best investment management strategy is one you'll stick to. We expertly craft your investment policy statement to provide you the confidence to stay the course in both good and bad economic cycles.

  • Investment education and portfolio explanation so you understand how – and why – your investment management plan is in your best interest. Without a core understanding of who you are as an investor, and what investment management strategies may be appropriate for you – we can't build a solid foundation to grow and protect your wealth.

    Many financial advisors skip through the process quickly to close a sale. We believe attention to detail in the creation of your investment plan starts at the very beginning of our relationship.

  • Investment Management Strategy

    The core of our investment management strategy is rooted in academics and investing science that has been time tested and validated by Nobel Prize winning financial theorists. Our investment management strategy is grounded in 5 key factors designed to deliver client-focused results:

    • Markets are efficient – The security markets do an excellent job of effectively pricing in all known and expected information available. We do not time the market or select securities based on "gut feelings" or emotion.
    • Diversification is key- Diversification reduces the risk associated with specific securities and asset classes. Our portfolios hold roughly 12,000 of the worlds companies and debt issues across 40 plus countries.
    • Risk and return are purely related – The compensation for enduring increased levels of risk is the potential for greater investment returns. Balancing this risk is the art that goes into the science of portfolio structure.
    • Portfolio structure – The number one determinant of performance is portfolio structure. We create and manage an investment strategy designed to balance growth and wealth preservation with your personal financial needs in mind.
    • Momentum happens – We allocate and implement long term investment strategies, but we don't walk away blindfolded. Rather, we stay in tune with the security markets and as momentum swings negatively we periodically implement investment strategies to reduce downside volatility.

    Our investment management strategy is designed to deliver the confidence necessary to allow our clients financial inspiration throughout their retirement lifetime.

    Our portfolios are created using DFA and Vanguard Institutional mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETF's) as core holdings. These institutional funds and ETF's offer lower costs, lower trading fees, more efficient operations with broader diversification than standard retail or loaded funds. As a fee only financial advisor, our only incentive is delivering the results our clients need to realize their vision of retirement. We choose only the very best investment solutions completely independent of brokerage or insurance firms.

    Tax Strategies

    Taxes are complex. We can help.

    Taxes play a large role in just about everything we do. Unlike many traditional brokers, who downplay or ignore important tax issues, we embrace them. As a CPA - Certified Public Accountant, our firm understands the value that comes with sound tax planning, and we have developed significant expertise in the complexities of retirement planning and investment management. We use existing tax law to help you defer more taxes while saving for retirement, and manage taxes more efficiently once you reach retirement.

    • Tax Preparation - As a service, Cascade Wealth Advisors can provide income-tax preperation with a focus on proactive planning and deduction maximization. The deductions we find may more than cover the cost of our fees.
    • Gifting Strategies for Tax-Free Giving - Our clients use family gifting strategies to remove assets from their taxable estates. These strategies help reduce future estate taxes, and benfit your family members immediatly.
    • Creating Donor-Advised Funds for Appreciated Securities - Donor-advised funds provide a simple way for investors to get immediate tax-deductions and avoid capital gains tax liability on appreciated assets.
    • Planning Strategies to reduce Inter-Generational Taxes - Taxes can significantly reduce the assets your heirs recieve. Estate planning is critical to maximizing the share that future generations will enjoy.
    • Investing in College Savings Plans - With tuition inflation, you cannot afford to subject your education savings to unnecessary taxes. The right college savings plan can help ensure that you save effectively and gives you a state tax deduction.

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